petek, 06. februar 2015


Friday, friday, gotta get down on friday!
While I'm panicly searching through my closet for a perfect outfit for tonights pary, I'm also writing this post. It's been two days since my last post and I had alot of time to write another one, but as a big procrastinator, leader of them all I obviously didn't do that. Anyway, I love writing post for you guys and here's another one. Hope you'll like it!

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sreda, 04. februar 2015


These days Denmark was wrapped in fashion. Hundreds of style bloggers, fashion editors and models were captured on the streets of Copenhagen in their head to toe perfect stylings, showing us that cold is not an obsticle and how fashion and comfort can go hand in hand. Yes, it was Copenhagen fashion week!

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ponedeljek, 02. februar 2015


It's Monday, time for a fresh start of the week and time for my new blog post, so here it is. Hope you're all having a great day!

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petek, 30. januar 2015


Dear fashion lovers!
The time has passed since I first decided that I wanna start a blog. I have been editing, writing and customizing for the past two weeks and here it is. My first blog post on my first style blog.
I'm aware that there's a long journey infront of me, but you need to start somwhere if you want to do what you're enjoy doing in your life. It makes me happy that I'm (almost) done with customizing my blog, just a few more touches, but I was so excited to write my first post that I couldn't wait a few days more. So here it is! Hope you'll like it!

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